मधेश आन्दोलनको समर्थनमा मधेशी थारुहरुले हुलाकी राजमार्गमा बनाएको मानव साग्लोहरुका केही तस्बिरहरु







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rajendra mahato

तस्बिरहरु फेसबुकबाट


  1. Very good.Chattan ke tarah adig rahana hai Apna hak adhikar lena hai.Madheshi ka pahchan banana hai. Gulami ka janjir todna hai.Apne aane wale pusta ko surachhit ker ke sir utha ke jeena sikhana hai.

  2. We Madhesi r pidit because we r divided
    We can get our rights only if we r United I feel ashamed to remember past time when Madhesi based parties got divided for the post of ministers. This mistake should not repeat in future otherwise martial of first madhes Andolan & present martial souls will always be cheated & in pain let us plan & act to respect those souls with familiar affection then only Madhesi & Madhesh will get back their heroic children back who sacrificed themselves so let us all from level of cast/creeds unite with each other & be truthful of our mother madhes


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