Oli, Black Flag, Delhi and Jail (Jail Diary)

We,Madheshi Youth, arrested in delhi and whole of madhesh started burning. Madhesh is looking different. Those who were not in jail were fighting equally for our release. Whole madhesh stand united for us. It was first experience of Jail of all of us, Youngest madheshi in group was of 18 year old. its  not age or profession but its madhesh fighting unitedly for  madhesh.
I salute all.

A. Back ground of Protest.
united Madheshies of Nepal (UMON) has been protesting in delhi against Human right violation in nepal since madhesh movement started. UMON has done many protest in delhi and written to foreign embassies in delhi to inform about human right voilation in nepal. When Oli visit to india was planned, a general feeling was if OLI goes un opposed in india, this will give negative message to international community that recent racist amendments in constitution has addressed madhehsi problem. Hence, to acknowledge the continuity of problem with madheshi in nepal a protest was must.

B. Planning of protest
I will like to mention here protest was not well planned. only thing we wanted is to keep limited number of people in protest. there were two reason to keep number of people low.
1.  To reduce any number of people arrest.
2. No unwanted element can enter in to group and instigate violence.
There was fear of arrest and all well knew this.

C. How all it happened
Oli was shown black flag while coming out of IGAI Airport , New Delhi. Location was check post having speed breaker. All vehicle stopped at speed breaker, and protesters standing with black flag on road side. Some of PM them were clicking photo of us from their vehicle. It was all peaceful .
all protesters left the venue after protest.

D. Protesters arrested at Mandhi House , Nepal Embassy.
we all were arrested at Nepal Embassy , Mandi house. Initially Police informed us that we will be relased after PM program is finsihed. But latter we come to know, Nepal government is pressuring delhi to keep us behind bar.
Initially we were informed that we will be released after PM Oli direct intervention and pressure from Nepal government we were sent to Judicial custody.

While we were in jail, Our madheshi brothers and sister in delhi and all over world were standing with us for our release. We got information that protest has been started in madhesh for our release and there is  anti indian sentiment growing in madhesh after our arrest. While here in delhi our friends were trying hard to pressurize government to  release us. I can not say what exactly worked but i think protest in madhesh and fear of madheshi sentiment going anti indian worked.

E. what after release
 They thought that if they will keep us in jail, non other will have caourage to protest against OLI in any other program but this proved false as madheshi bir in dehradun already prepared for protest while we were in jail.
we all looked more determined to fight for madhesh. Fight against racism in nepal must go on and we will continue it.


Pravin Kumar Karn
[email protected]



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